Science Week 2020 - Excursion Package

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Celebrate Science Week with a day of investigation and discovery at AQWA! This full-day science experience will allow your students to learn from the creatures of the “deep blue” as they consider the 2020 Science Week theme: innovations for the future of our oceans!

Students embark on a quest to learn from the variety of unique features and adaptations of marine life. They are also given the opportunity to contrast boat design and how humans have endeavoured to explore the oceans in the past, aboard the 17th Century Duyfken sailing ship. There is a strong emphasis on form and function; friction and floating; the senses, renewable energies, sending messages and navigation. 

This special Science Week Excursion Package is only available from 17-21 August 2020 and places are limited to one school per day. So book now so you don't miss out! The excursion package is suitable for all Primary aged students and accommodates 150-350 students daily*.

Download Full Information Brochure Here

Your special excursion package includes:

  • Full day experience from 9.30am - 2pm
  • Welcome address from our Marine Biologist
  • Exclusivity - only one school booked per day (minimum number required).
  • Teachers are free
  • Free tea/coffee for teachers
  • Rotating activities (approx 1 hour each): explore AQWA's stunning exhibits; climb aboard a real wooden sailing ship; presentation and themed activity
  • Excursion work booklet
  • A free kids return pass to AQWA for each student

*Note: Please enquire ( if your numbers do not fall within this capacity and our Education Manager will see if there is a way we can accommodate your group.