Excursion Package - Visit & Wildlife Rescue Activity (+1 hour)

From AUD $17.00
  • Duration: 1 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Hillarys, WA
  • Product code: PQ3C1M
Inspire your students to become ocean guardians with our turtle-boosted Wildlife Rescue Excursion Package, crafted for all ages and lead by our knowledgeable Education team.

This excursion package includes a 1-hour additional activity which shellabrates the amazing features of turtles! Your students will become experts on everything turtle - from exploring their habitats, to understanding threats to survival and discovering the unique roles they play within ecosystems. Students will also gain practical knowledge on how to save turtles, like what to do if you find a stranded turtle, and how technology and research guide conservation.

Your excursion package includes:

  • Entry to all of AQWA's exhibits, as per a standard excursion
  • Themed Wildlife Rescue turtle talk by AQWA Ocean Guide / Education Manager (approx. 15 mins)
  • Meet our rescue turtles*(approx. 15 mins): learn their story, watch a feeding and discover the technology used to tag and monitor released turtles.
  • Take part in a hands-on activity (approx. 20-25 mins): Badge making (K-PP): get crafty, colour in a turtle and make it into a take-home badge as a memento of your visit. OR  Turtle researcher (Yr1+): use our plush model turtles to collect data, like researchers in the field! Scan for tags using real equipment, identify species by ID charts and record measurements for size and weight.
  • Use of AQWA's spacious Function Centre for lunch/recess
  • BRING 3 FOR THE SEA! Support AQWA Foundation's turtle rehabilitation program and reduce rubbish in the ocean by collecting "10c refund" marked containers for change. Have each student aim to bring 3 eligible containers to donate during your excursion and your school will receive a Certificate of Acknowledgement for helping the AQWA Foundation! See more below.

How to Book:

This excursion package is available Monday-Friday during school term, by request. Select your preferred date, follow the prompts to submit your enquiry and our Education Manager will be in touch to confirm your booking. Your Wildlife Rescue activity can be booked for 10am, 11am, 12pm or 1pm and has a duration of 1 hour. Please note students should be assembled and ready to meet your Ocean Guide at least 10 minutes prior to your selected activity time.

Bring 3 For the Sea:

“By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish”

To prevent this prediction from coming true, AQWA has teamed up with Containers for Change and we are asking every visitor to bring 3 plastic bottles with them to AQWA. Instead of ending up in the ocean, your plastic will help protect endangered marine turtles with funds from eligible containers given directly to the AQWA foundation.

Established nearly two decades ago, the AQWA Foundation is not-for-profit and funds the care, rehabilitation and release of sick and injured turtles at AQWA's Turtle Pool. We are a registered charity with ACNC, hold DGR status and have a registered scheme ID with Containers for Change (C10321117)

Turtles are a keystone species for the ocean. This means that their survival is vital to the health of the ocean. Turtles encourage the growth of sea grass beds and ensure that there is room for all types of coral on a reef. This is why it is so important that sick and injured turtles are cared for and returned back to the wild so that they can continue their important role and so that we can learn more about them along the way. And you can help us do it!

Start collecting your recyclables today – and we’ll see you soon at AQWA!

*rescue turtles are often in our care, though this is not guaranteed. No turtles at the moment? That's great! It means no sick or injured turtles are requiring our help. We still have a resident loggerhead turtle to meet in the Shipwreck Coast tunnel and tonnes of turtle facts to discover.